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Different Varieties Of Nutritional And Supplement Tablet Forms

Tablets are indeed one of the most popular nutraceutical delivery methods. Even though nutritional tablet manufacturers consider many different elements when generating and manufacturing a supplements tablet. A brand owner must have an adequate amount of knowledge about the different types of tablets that they can manufacture and what is their unique selling ability.

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In this blog, we will discuss different types of tablets that deliver dietary and nutritional supplements.

 Varieties Of Supplements And Nutritional Tablets

  • Compressed tablets

Nowadays, you can put almost all the tablets on the market under the “compressed tablet.” The reason behind this predominant notion is the fact that the company manufactured them with the help of the aforementioned specialized machinery and even some severe pressure. People often use “compressed tablet” or “tablet” when they are referring to the run-of-the-mill, capsule, oval, or round-shaped tablet.

Unlike any other form of a tablet, you should technically swallow the standard compressed tablets without breaking, chewing, or dissolving them in any way or form. In most cases, this type of tablet begins to break down only after it reaches the stomach or some other stretch of the gastrointestinal tract. You can Buy Nutrition Herbal Products Online for better health.

Apart from that, compressed tablets also have the advantages of relatively good stability and also being available in different shapes and sizes. Just like that, it is much easier to fit the broader range of dietary supplements into a tablet form. This is the sole reason why we have seen a great deal of popularity in compressed tablets.

The only difficulty with such compressed tablets is that there are some people who find it very difficult to swallow them. On the other hand, most people can swallow capsules. 

  • Chewable Tablets

You will get to see different cartoon-themed children’s multivitamins and vitamin C tablets in the form of chewable tablets. Just like the name suggests, they are tablets the manufacturer designed to chew before they make their way into the stomach.

Both the manufacturers who want to make chewable tablets and the consumer who wants to take them should focus on one crucial factor, which is FLAVOR.

There is a very good chance, especially among young children, that they will not consume dietary supplements even if they provide a great source of nutrition to the body if it does not taste remotely good. We have often observed that people do not repurchase bad-tasting supplements. 

  • Sublingual and buccal tablets

Typically both buccal (in the pocket of the cheek) and sublingual (under the tongue) tablets work in a somewhat similar fashion.


Consumers who take this kind of tablet usually place the tablet in the designated area, and then that tablet dissolves automatically because of the saliva in the mouth.

In sublingual and buccal tablets, the taste and texture also play an important role that you should never neglect. It is a significant factor in the effectiveness and popularity of dietary supplements.



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