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Benefits: Breastfeeding is an important journey for mother and baby

Breastfeeding is not just limited to mother-child interaction/bonding

Breastfeeding is not just the time when a mother and baby get the time to bond with each other. The benefits of breastfeeding are endless. You must start to think beyond a certain point and understand ‘The benefits of breastfeeding.’ If your breast milk supply is insufficient, or you have trouble with lactation, then you should explore the hanacare range that includes Lactiv Mom, a powder to increase breast milk.

Important benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an exceptional time in one’s life. No doubt, it’s the time that allows us to form a connection between mother and baby. If you have difficulty breastfeeding, you should look for one of the best herbal nutrition company that includes all the natural products made with the goodness of options helpful for overall well-being. Some of the incredible facts about breastfeeding are:

  • Colostrum AKA liquid gold

Colostrum is the first milk the body makes and one of the most nutritional ones. It’s referred to as liquid gold because of the different health benefits it has to offer. The first milk is filled with protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Moreover, it contains antibodies that help the body to fight against the infection. So, your baby is going to get an abundance of benefits from breastfeeding.

  • Breast milk is an important source of nutrients

Breastmilk means the number of nutrients the baby needs during the initial growth stage. The nutritional value of breast milk is much higher. That’s the reason its important for the first six months.

Not just vitamins, but breast milk contains melatonin that helps the baby to sleep properly, aids in growth, and provides endorphins to reduce pain levels.

  • Antigens help to fight against health issues

When you are breastfeeding, baby saliva passes through the breast. The saliva acts as a signal for the mother’s body and helps to know the present state of the overall baby’s health. When the baby is not well pathogens will trigger. It makes the woman’s body produce the antigens required to fight against infection. Indeed! It’s a different scenario altogether. But, an effective consideration is to boost the baby’s immunity and keep him or her on the right track.

  • Breastfeeding improves the mother’s well-being

Do you think, ‘Breastfeeding only benefits the baby?’ NO! Breastfeeding is an important concept in itself, and it does help the mother too. When the mother breastfeeds, hormones, like prolactin and oxytocin are produced. The hormones and such small things make an interesting bond with the child.

Have a problem breastfeeding?

If your breast milk supply is not enough to fulfill the dietary needs of your baby, then you should look for nutritional products that are ‘Safe for mother and baby. Explore the Hanacare range of nutritional supplements. We have LactivMom to improve lactation without any side effects, and results are noticed within a few weeks or months. If there’s any doubt then you should get clarity over the same. So, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call on the number mentioned on the website.

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