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Product & Pricing

Hanacare main focus is offering you the most accurate product description to ease the buying process. With the factor of reliability and error-free approach, we ensure to make your purchase smooth. Although the image color might not be the same, we have made every possible effort to make it look similar. Hanacare has the right to change, update, and correct the errors, information, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time.

We provide you with all necessary general information by focusing on the products' completeness, appropriateness, accuracy, and usefulness. But, for medical reasons, you must consult a medical supervisor to make the necessary choice on whether your health can handle the intake of a specific product or not.

Hanacare product range comes up with specific pricing systems that include taxes. While checking out, check the amount and see that the total charges are according to what you have ordered. Once you have given all the necessary information and proceed towards the cash-on-delivery option, you need to pay the complete payment once the order has reached your doorstep. If your credit card is fraudulent, then you are exclusively responsible for the same.

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