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Multivitamin Mineral And Herbal Tablets

Hanacare – Multivitamin tablets are the Immunity Booster with an entire health package to help overall immunity.

Treat Your Body Right, And Your Immune
System Is Better

Multivitamins are the combination of minerals, vitamins, and herbs that helps to boost the overall immunity and even nervous function. Make sure to give the body time to adjust to its desired effect.

Benefits Of Taking Multivitamins Daily
  • Helps to boost energy levels
  • Improved mood
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Maintain muscle strength
  • Improve short-term memory
Nutritional Information


Vitamins are the most significant source of helping the immune system and ensure the body responds well to getting sick. Daily Vitamin C helps the body get the right amount it needs


Zinc, iron, manganese, copper, boron, and many other minerals present in the form of supplements help the immune system. The minerals ensure the body can fight well against infection.

Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend

The prebiotic and probiotic blend helps stimulate the immune system, which helps to produce essential probiotics and microbes to assist the gut in health get better with time.

Myth: Take multivitamins only when you feel down

Fact: NO! Make sure to take them every day to get the utmost benefit to make yourself all fit and healthy. They work their magic every time.

Myth: Missed dose means double up the dose

Fact: NO! Even if you miss the dose and think of taking double, it won’t benefit you as the body won’t compensate for it.

Myth: I take multivitamins; I can eat anything

Fact: Taking multivitamins is your choice, but that does not mean you can make your diet unhealthy. Your body still has the nutrients that the food contains.


How long does it take for multivitamins to show their effect?

Generally, it’s seen that the more severe the deficiency is of a specific nutrient or vitamin, the faster the results are noticed. Although, the noticeable changes are seen within 3 to 6 weeks

How do multivitamins make you feel?

Intake of regular and timely intake of multivitamins helps the body to make it feel better, which helps the energy levels to go up. Moreover, the stress and anxiety level goes down.

How should I take supplements?

No matter which supplement you want to take, please follow the given factors every time:

  • Be mindful of the direction of package
  • You should keep track of which supplement you take at what time and how much
  • Note down any effect that you notice after taking the supplements

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3 reviews for Multivitamin Tablets

  1. siman jha

    this tables realy works . this is actual immunity booster. osm products !!

  2. Heena

    I am having it for the last few days and can observe its positive impact on an overall energy level.

  3. raman

    good product

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